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Herunivercity is a Brooklyn-based company working throughout the tri-state area.  We are an education and marketing company that conducts various mentoring programs geared toward protecting at-risk youth. Our programs include lectures and presentations that tackle mostly adolescents' needs. We also support social activists in their crusade against youth violence throughout the community.

Our owner, Chiffon Abney, after attaining a 40-hour sexual abuse advocacy training certification, was motivated to fight against violence among children, especially on girls. Being a person with a natural inclination to help people, she established this business with the aim to make a major mark against inter-generational sexual abuse. Leveraging her more than 15 years of business experience, she strives to host presentations in every single school around the New York City and Tri-State area and raise awareness about our cause.

At Herunivercity, we have a diverse group of leaders with backgrounds in the medical, educational, financial, and social service arenas. Each of our members has more than 10 years of experience in their own specialized area.

Herunivercity is a specialized education and marketing company. We conduct specialized training and visual demonstrations geared toward fixing the missing element of sensitivity practices within educational institutions, child-protection agencies, and faith-based organizations.

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Putting Anti-Sexual Abuse Warning Labels on Condoms

Our Mission 

To strategically reduce the number of adolescents who are at risk of developing permanent mental disorders, experiencing personhood abuse and long-term poverty.

Empowering the Youth in Our Society

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Herunivercity has a unique list of lectures to choose from. We tackle topics about child abuse prevention with the aim to promote age equality and non-violence in our society. Contact us now to register or to learn more

Three Types of Intelligence

The Formulas for Protecting Our Little Girls

Breaking the Chains of Childhood Poverty

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Herunivercity supports various social activists and organizations in their crusade to promote child protection throughout the community. We tackle childhood poverty, we encourage self-sufficiency and protection against inequalities against girls.

Sex Education Film

Three Shot Theory


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