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Social Advocacies towards Youth Empowerment

Emotional Intelligence Character vs Personality Head of Household Training for Teens

With deep passion in promoting child protection, Herunivercity in Brooklyn, New York, supports social-activism programs. Our group participates in marches and protests for different activists and advocacy groups. This is to show social support for people who are experiencing physical or sexual abuse.

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Giving the Youth a Better Life

As a community-focused company, our team encourages positive treatment towards the youth. We serve other organizations and help them in their cause to impede abuse among the younger members of our society.

Become a Youth Advocate

We'll work hard together to address these issues in a creative and professional way. If you want to be a part of our crusade, send us an email and use Herunivercity as the subject of your message. You may also contact us directly for further details.